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At the center of any electrical system, are circuit breakers. They are your storm troopers. Your line of defense against attack, where the attack is coming from short circuits and system overloads.

The service panel is an equally important component, and is kinda like the heart of your system, distributing power out to the breakers around your home or business. It also monitors how much electricity is flowing through your infrastructure, to prevent the kind of overburdening that leads to melted wires, dangerous sparks and fires. So essential hardware!

And yet no one is happy when they trip a breaker right in the middle of a party or a movie with the kids. Obviously there’s a delicate but necessary balance required here -- one that protects you from the worst possible outcomes, but also doesn’t set up a system to be so trigger happy that your life goes into shutdown every time you want a smoothie or some straight hair.

That’s where Islip Electricians come in. Our team of experts eat breakers and panels for breakfast. That’s how much they love them. And they will love yours, too. So whether you're in Central Islip, East Islip, West Islip, or Islip Terrace, call us now for a FREE electrical panel inspection.

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One of the big questions our clients ask is: how do you know when you should get your panels and breakers upgraded or replaced? And the answer is… Yes! Seriously, there are several essential moments to get your panels fully inspected by an Islip electrician pro, and very often those moments will coincide with the need to upgrade.

Any time you’re making a notable change to the infrastructure of or demands on your electrical system, there’s a very good chance you’re going to need to adjust panels and breakers so that all parts of your home and business continue getting the appropriate flow of electricity and so that any new demands placed on the system don’t short circuit or overload it. So if you are:

  • Remodelling your home or business
  • Adding an electric car charging station in your garage
  • Installing a new entertainment system in your living room or man-cave
  • Upgrading your interior lighting design
  • Adding a security system
  • Installing a new air conditioner
  • Renovating the kitchen
  • Adding a home office
  • Putting in a pool or hot tub
  • Buying a new fridge or other major appliance
  • Noticing your breakers are tripping regularly
  • Putting in a backup generator
  • See evidence of age and rust on the panelling or near the breakers
  • Finding your power flow is inconsistent or surging…

Then you need to call us. Basically any major new change or demand on the amperage of your system, and it’s time to pick up the phone. Equally, if you’re getting your home inspected prior to a sale, that’s another good reason to consult with one of our licensed electricians. We will sniff out any issues as a result of poor workmanship or past DIY jobs and spare you the pain of a home inspector getting in the way of a smooth sale.

Islip Electricians FAQs

Absolutely not! Please don’t ever attempt your own electrical work unless you are an certified and licensed electrician! To avoid damage to your property and person through electrocution, fire etc, this is essential. Call Islip Electricians and let us take care of it for you! 631-518-3723

A common reason why fuses blow or breakers trip is because people overload them by plugging in too many appliances at once. It doesn't matter how large your house may seem; electric outlets always come with limitations which require careful consideration when deciding how to power your home. Call Islip Electricians on 631-518-3723.

The difference is grounding. The third prong provides additional protection in three ways -- to the system, to whatever is plugged in, and to you. There’s nothing wrong with two-pronged plugs, they just can’t offer the same protection.

Surge Protectors are useful devices that clamp down excess voltage in your system to prevent it from damaging your appliances. Certain areas are particularly prone to power surges in which case it’s a no-brainer, but even if not, the cost of installation is far less than that of the cost of replacing all your appliances. For assistance with surge protection call Islip Electricians on 631-518-3723!

No! When the current passing through a fuse maxes out, the current is stopped by a hold burning through a thin strip of metal which then needs replacing. When excess current flows through a circuit breaker it ‘trips’ the breaker, which stops the flow. The breaker can be reset by flipping its switch.

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